Peace and Singing

In 1994, I asked my State College (PA) High School Choir members to write what “choir” meant to them.  The above is a response from Patricia Tisak, a sweet ninth grade student.  Her response just blew me away; her words graced the cover of every concert program for the next two years.  Unfortunately, Patricia moved after her freshman year and we have lost touch.  However,  this program cover has been on my desk since then.  When trying to think what visual to post with this blog, I looked right at it and knew I had found the perfect one. As Oscar wrote, “if you become a teacher by your pupils you’ll be taught.”  What a privilege to share the wisdom and beauty of Patricia’s understanding with you.

On July 22, I attended the The Sound of Music Sing-along movie at the Bucks County Playhouse. That experience has inspired a study of the spiritual power of the sound of music and its positive effects.  As a young music teacher, I studied (1984-92) with a voice scientist, Jo Estill, and began to see the connection between singing and health.  This developed into a desire to help heal the world through singing.

In 1993, I was introduced to metaphysics and since then have been engaged in a study of the Science of Being.  Now these two interests – singing and Science – are converging through the focus on Oscar Hammerstein II, our Rodger & Hammerstein SING! events, and Oscar’s dream of world peace.

I wonder how “The Sound of Music” became the title for that musical.  Surely, it was the singing that led the Von Trapp Family Singers from tyranny to freedom.  Was Oscar hinting that the power of music to overthrow despotism is both a secret weapon and a panacea?

Below are two inspiring links about the revolutionary effect of singing together to transform a chaotic world into a peaceful choir.

Do You Hear The People Sing? from Les Miserable


3 thoughts on “Peace and Singing

  1. Hi Jessie, You have struck a chord that resonated with me and will continue to resonate for a long time. Combing peace which is a long standing interest and love of mine with singing a relatively new found love (thanks to you!) really hit the mark! I will post a link to it from my blog. Thanks for all that you are doing! Don

  2. Hi–my mom stumbled upon this blog post and forwarded me the link. I’m glad to see that you’re doing well. All the best, Patricia

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