My Walks With Oscar – Part II

 “Oscar’s Olympian”

My Walks With Oscar

By Cynthia Price, San Diego, CA

When I shared my goal to be an Olympic swimmer, Oscar said he was sure I could do it. He said I just had to “practice, practice, and practice” like he always did.  I didn’t end up in the Olympics, but because of his encouragement I would fly down the hill to the pool more determined than ever to win that next swim meet which I usually did.

Our summer walks and friendship continued until I was 14 when my mother told me the terribly sad news of his passing in August of 1960. I didn’t know he was ill that last year but thinking back, perhaps I should have because many mornings he was out walking in his robe which was not his usual attire. I will never forget the kind and sweet man he was to me since I was a 9  yr old little girl whose own father traveled all the time and wasn’t around much. I adored him and to this day I still tell people about him, our walks, and the impact he had on my life.

I’ll conclude with a humorous note.  On Halloween my brother Jack  and I would trek up the big hill in the dark to the Hammerstein’s because they gave out QUARTERS instead of candy! However, I must confess we were so enthralled with those quarters that we went TWICE the same night wearing different masks! I finally confessed our caper to Oscar and he just laughed that wonderful laugh with his wonderful smile.

Oscar was a dear man and I will always treasure our time together.

A recent photo of Cynthia Price taken in Hawaii.

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