It’s official!  

Led By a Rainbow notecards are now available for purchase online with FREE shipping if ordered between June 26 and July 6, 2012:

(Pay with PAYPAL online or check: for mailing address scroll down)

Oscar advised that the beginning “is a very good place to start.” The privilege and responsibility associated with honoring the legacy of Oscar Hammerstein II calls for a beautiful, classic and unpretentious website where one can come for inspiration, information, and relaxation.  After a few false starts, I got still and listened for how to begin at the beginning.  Then Christine Cole’s Highland Farm B&B website came to mind.

 Then I unexpectedly happened upon Herman Silverman’s website.

Turns out that both sites were designed by Sean and Chris at Crazy Fish Design in Doylestown, PA.  I met with them in their Carriage House studio on State Street last month and that 1.5 hour conversation sealed the deal.

It’s fitting that this OHII legacy site is associated with Herman’s site because he and Oscar were good friends and chatted most Sunday nights at Highland Farm (now Christine’s B&B).  I also learned that Sean and Chris were the first to contribute to the Highland Farm Barn restoration fund.  I’m always amazed how these connections just naturally fall into place with little or no effort when it’s the right way to proceed.

Herman Silverman and his gracious gallery managers, Sharon and Rhonda, have professionally guided the reproduction of the Led By a Rainbow painting by Margie B. Perry into top-quality notecards and limited edition prints.  These are being sold for your enjoyment and also to generate capital for our Oscar Hammerstein book project.

Please join in supporting this project by ordering a gift box of 10 cards between June 26th and July 6th. Each order will be shipped FREE of charge with heartfelt gratitude.  Checks should be addressed to: Jessie Barth Enterprises and mailed to: 62 Covington Street, Perry, NY 14530.  The cost is only $15 per box.  Of course, direct any questions to

Thanks for reading this blog.  Your encouragement and enthusiasm is much appreciated.  My Walks with Oscar by Cynthia Price will be posted on Thursday for your enjoyment.  Her memories of “Mr. Hammerstein” are very endearing.  It all speaks to Oscar’s legacy of lives touched and uplifted by his kind heart and optimistic outlook.

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