Oscar and Anna Lunch Highlights from Highland Farm B&B


Greetings from the Carousel Room at Highland Farm B&B. Christine Cole, owner and innkeeper, and I are still flying high from our magical Lunch on the Lawn with Oscar and Anna Sing-Along last Saturday.  Over 200 folks attended and sang with great gusto to the professional accompaniment provided by pianist Carolyn Williams and percussionist Carol Lindsay.  The weather was sunny and 70 after a night of torrential rain.  Here are a few comments:

Everyone had a great time.

I can't tell you how much we all enjoyed the program on Saturday. 
Thanks for putting on the Sing-along and inviting me; keep doing it and keep singing.
I wish that I could have spent more time at Highland Farm 
on Sat. 
My wife said it was the best event of the entire week. 
Thank you for a wonderful time. 
As always, I had a blast.
I think Oscar clearly agreed and helped make the weather 
spectacularly gorgeous.  

I was happy to be able to help. 
You bring people together to sing and enjoy music. 
I can't think of anything much better than that! 
Well done! 
Thank you to both of you for the opportunity to accompany 
you today at the Sing-a-long, and for giving my student, 
Nora,a chance to perform.  
She and her family had a great time, as did I!
What a treat to perform with you both. 
Thanks for the opportunity and to you Jessie, for 
helping to keep this music alive.  

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos to share with you from the  event. I’m hoping that some will come my way.  Thank you to everyone that participated.   In my humble opinion, our unique June 2nd composition of singers and songs will forever remain a masterpiece in the record of human harmony.

And on a personal note –  following the SING, Grace Rice Gordon appeared to give me a big hug.  My heart sang when I saw her.  Grace, a seventh grader at the Bellefonte Jr. High School,  was in the first period class that I taught the very first day of my teaching career.  That was in December of 1971.  She and her husband drove 250 miles (one way) to come and sing and now we’re hoping to have one in Bellefonte, PA.   Isn’t Life grand!

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