Follow Every Rainbow…

This Saturday, June 2nd 2012, is our Lunch On The Lawn With Oscar and Anna Sing-Along at Highland Farm.  The weather forecast is 70 degrees and sunny.  It’s shaping up to be lots of fun.   The photo of the above sign was taken by Christine Cole, owner of Highland Farm.  The barn in the back is Oscar’s barn.

Last Monday, I had one of those moments in life where everything just stops for an instant.  Right then, I knew I was being rewarded for following my inner guidance to connect in a deeper way with Oscar Hammerstein II.  You see, in  the summer of 1996, my husband, Dick Barth, and I were visiting our dear friends, Harry and Anna Strong, who lived in eastern PA.  We decided to take a road trip to Doylestown, PA to try to find the home of Oscar Hammerstein.  We didn’t have an address, but we found one of those national blue and gold historical road markers that read OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN II.  We stopped so that I could at least have my photo taken with the marker sign.  We thought we had found the house, but weren’t sure.   I felt that our mission that day had not been accomplished.

Last Monday, as I drove past that exact same road marker, the above sign – LUNCH WITH OSCAR AND ANNA SING-ALONG was standing right beside it.  The two signs were hanging out together for all the world to see.  I realized then that the inner knowing that had led me quietly to Doylestown 16 years ago is blossoming into a beautiful recognition that dreams do come true –  with patience, persistence, and pluck.  Alice Hammerstein Mathias told me that her dad’s dream was world peace.   My dream is that the whole world can all sing together with one harmonious voice.  Oscar wrote in his song Happy Talk, “You’ve got to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”

I held this LUNCH WITH OSCAR AND ANNA SING-ALONG sign in last Monday’s Doylestown Bicentennial Parade. Sitting atop a turquoise ’69 Dodge Dart convertible as Oscar’s ANNA while waving to the cheering crowd is a sure SIGN that dreams do come true.

5 thoughts on “Follow Every Rainbow…

  1. I remember finding the historical marker Jessie is referring to, and taking her photo next to it. There was no way to imagine that day would eventually lead to tomorrow’s lawn sing along at Oscar’s house.

    I like the word “pluck”. That’s a character trait you don’t often hear about: “courageous readiness to fight or continue against odds” (Merriam-Webster).
    Satyagraha is another interesting word that is rarely heard, a combination of the Sanskrit words for truth (satya) and persistence (agraha). The combination of pluck and satyagraha yields peace.

    I wish I could be with you tomorrow on Oscar’s (now Chris’s) lawn to experience the harmony that will be the inevitable outcome of pluck!

    • Thank you so much, Dick, for your insight on “pluck”. You were certainly “with” me – as always – at the SING. As the song says, “You are the wind beneath my wings.”

  2. Jessie, the rainbow you speak of becomes brighter everyday as you reaffirm your connections. Thanks Dick, I choose to use the word pluck and Satyagraha today as well guided by the brilliant colors living in the beautiful town of Doylestown where many of these adventures unfold for us.

  3. What a wonderful day it was in Doylestown. Jessie, it was so much fun, and your are still such a fantastic teacher. Hope to see you again soon.

    • Thanks so much, Grace, it was indeed a magical day. And then seeing you there afterwards was the absolute cherry on top of a most memorable day. I nearly burst into tears knowing that you both had come from Bellefonte to be a part of this special event. I’m in awe of your generous heart, Grace. Let’s keep in touch about planning a SING! in Bellefonte. I would love nothing more than singing with former students and friends. …And to think that you were in my first class on my first day of public school teaching. I still remember where you sat in room 303 at the Bellefonte Jr. High School. You are such a dear.

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