Hexie’s Favorite Things

 Last Tuesday, May 9th, I had the most delightful evening with Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey and her husband Curt Plott.  We met at Highland Farm and then went out to eat and talked and talked.  It was Hexie that brought us together through this Oscar and I blog.  So, as a final Ode to Hexie a la Oscar’s My Favorite Things, you can sing along with Lynda’s version of this beloved song.  At the conclusion, you’ll find some biographical information about Lynda who has been our faithful scribe for the past two weeks.


By Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey

The whoosh of the wind

and the twitter of birds,

Communing with Nature

and growing fresh herbs,

Dancing in moonlight

and welcoming Spring,

These were a few of her Favorite Things.

Bellows and broomsticks

and cauldrons with handles,

Black cats and crystals

and slow-burning candles,

Wood nymphs and fairies

with butterfly wings…

These were a few of her Favorite Things.

Velvety cheesecake

And freshly baked bread,

Recipes swirling

 around in her head

Exotic silk turbans

And earrings that swing…

These were a few of her Favorite Things.

When the winds blow,

When the hearth glows,

When spirit guides abound,

Perhaps you will think of a glamorous witch

and feel Hexie’s magic come round.

Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and followed in her mother’s footsteps ever since she was a youngster. As an only child, she took delight in having many “invisible playmates” which, of course, her mother never questioned.  After graduating from college, Lynda found her niche teaching kindergarten and worked as an award-winning public school teacher for thirty years.  Upon retiring, Lynda has continued to pursue her own love of writing, devoting time and attention, in particular, to completing the manuscripts her mother left behind.  Lynda and her husband, Dr. Curtis Plott, currently reside in Washington, D.C., sharing their historic Georgetown home with two black cats.

Taken from Haunted Village & Valley: A Ghostly Journey Through New Hope and the Delaware Valley

By Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey and Lynda Elizabeth Jeffrey

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