Gentleman, Genius, Genuine

What three words would you use to describe Oscar Hammerstein II?  Margie Perry, Bucks County artist, used gentleman, genius, and genuine.  What three qualities would you choose to describe him?  The qualities expressed by Oscar in his life and musicals will be the keystone of Led By A Rainbow.  Each contributor to the book will list three descriptive qualities.  Please share your qualities with us.  And as Margie did at the end of this post,  explain why you chose the words that you did.

Upon my request, Margie shared some thoughts about painting the cover of our book:  

When Jessie first called me, I listened with interest as she explained her project. Having grown up about 5 miles from Doylestown, I knew the big white house on the hill had belonged to the Hammersteins, but really didn’t know anything beyond that.

It was purely by chance that Jessie and I connected. After a sing-along at Highland Farm in February, Jessie apparently mentioned that she thought it would be neat to have a local artist paint Highland Farm for her book. It just happened that my friends, Sandy and Bruce Roberts, who have been avid supporters of my work since I started painting, were there having participated in the sing-along. They immediately suggested Jessie call me, and the connection was made.

Then the challenge began…..with only a very few vintage photographs, visits to the B&B, and lots of people’s memories, I tackled the painting, learning so much about the Hammersteins and Highland Farm in the process. Hopefully, my painting captures at least some of those memories.

Margie’s painting of Highland Farm will debut next Tuesday.  The following is WHY she chose her three qualities:

Gentleman because he was a gentleman farmer; 
Genius because of his creative talent;
Genuine because as a person, he was down to earth,
enjoying a less sophisticated life in Bucks County, not pretentious.
Thank you, Margie.

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