Oscar’s Curriculum 2

In Carefully Taught from the musical South Pacific, Oscar Hammerstein II wrote:

“You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late, before you are six or seven or eight, to hate all the people your relatives hate – You’ve got to be carefully taught!  You’ve got to be carefully taught!”

Nine year old Lexi was featured in Carefully Taught on our At Home with Oscar – A Hundred Million Miracles CD.  Upon hearing this controversial lyric, Lexi’s first response was, “This song just doesn’t make sense.  Why would you teach anyone to hate?  We can’t even say that word in our house.”  What an innocent response; hatred doesn’t make sense.  Oscar, the humanitarian, lyricist, and teacher denounced it whenever possible. He had the courage and conviction to write about love and respect.   Teacher Oscar would be very pleased to know his pupil, Lexi, and her CD colleagues had the “best day ever” while recording selections from the beloved Rodgers and Hammerstein Songbook.

Below you can enjoy Lexi’s essay and a slideshow featuring her special CD day at Blackdog Recording Studios in Rochester, NY.

Seated:  Dixon Van Winkle, four-time Grammy winner recording engineer who has many platinum and gold records.  2nd row: Maleena Stickley, Abigail Parker, and Lexi Quilty.  Back row: Carol Lindsay (percussionist) and Madalyn Stickey. Photo by: Tamara Quilty

To purchase a CD click here: http://www.jessiebarth.com/

To see a behind the scenes Shutterbox presentation by Tamara Quilty of photos taken at the At Home with Oscar – A Hundred Million Miracles  recording session, click HERE

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