Led by a Perry Connection

As mentioned in the previous blog (Our Oscar Connection), Margie B. Perry of the Doylestown area will be painting  an oil landscape of Oscar’s Highland Farm circa 1950 – complete with a rainbow.  It will be featured on the book cover of our Led by a Rainbow: A Community Memoir Celebrating the Lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II and His Beloved Highland Farm.  

Below are some scenes of Doylestown, PA and Green Hills Farm, home of author Pearl S. Buck, painted by Margie and reproduced here with her permission.  Our artist grew up about 8 miles from Highland Farm and remembers what it looked like when Oscar lived there.  She said, “I used to point out Mr. Hammerstein’s cornfield to my college friends as we’d drive by.”

Margie taught elementary school and upon retiring began to study painting.   Needless to say, she advanced rapidly and has gained a faithful following of patrons.  It will be so much fun to see Highland Farm as art expressed through her beautiful eyes and skillful hands.

Thank you, Margie.  Enjoy!

Fonthill Gateway

Green Hills Farm 1

from Green Hills Farm Collection, the home of author, Pearl S. Buck

 Green Hills Farm 2

Green Hills Farm 3

Green Hills Farm 4

County Christmas


Yellow House at Pine and Ashland


2 thoughts on “Led by a Perry Connection

  1. My god those oil paintings are so beautiful!! It makes me want to get back into my oil painting!!!!!! I will!!! Oh they are so beautiful! The colors are so fabulous!

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